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was before the white house. and romney must come across relatable and really connect with voters. abc news, washington. >>> arnold schwarzenegger's biography "total recall" goes on sale tomorrow. he talks about how he ruined his marriage with maria shriver. during an interview with "60 minutes" he praises shriver throughout the book" total recall" and regrets the infidelity that prompted shriver to file for divorce. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> your children. >> yes, i had to tell them. >> schwarzenegger will give his first interview on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning. >>> more problems for the tsa. there are troubling new questions about airport security. tonight after agents allowed guns through checkpoint twice in the last week. here is abc news reporter mark greenblad. >> in the latest black eye for tsa, aed lod 38 caliber -- a loaded 38 caliber gun went un de ect ited by screeners. >> he mistakenly flew from new orleans to
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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